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Square Piano by Fredericus Beck 1777


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Square Piano by
Ignace Pleyel 1843

Single-manual Harpsichord
Dated 1785

Grand Piano by Fritz Circa 1828

Grand Piano by Stodart
Circa 1790

Square Piano by
Johannes Zumpe 1770

Grand Piano by Jacob Bertsche

'Beethoven' Broadwood Piano

Bentside Spinet
by Thomas Haxby


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With over thirty years of specialisation in antique keyboard instruments, 
we supply major museums, music colleges and private collections throughout the world with fine examples from our extensive collection. We are located one hour from central London with viewing at any time by appointment.

Ian Pleeth, partner.

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Davies Dietz Dieudonne Dohnal Done Dulcken Erard Fernandez Florez Friederici   Fritz Froschle Ganer
Garbutt Garcka Geib Goulding Graf Grober Keene Hancock Harris Harrison Haschka Hawkins Haxby
Heilmann Hofmann Hogwood Hosseschrueders Katholnik Kirckman Kober Konnicke Lemme
Lengerer Lindholm Longman Loud Mercken Merlin Meyer Muir wood Muller Pape
Paterson Mortimer Pether Pleyel Pohlman Preston Pringle Rochead
Rolfe Rosenberger  Sauer Schantz Schiedmayer  Schleip
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